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I AM CHRISTOPHER CHANTRILL, a member of the international capitalist conspiracy. Both my grandfathers owned and operated import/export businesses in the early twentieth century, one in St. Petersburg, Russia, where my father was born, and the other in Kobe, Japan, where my mother was born.

I was born in India and raised and educated in England. I immigrated to the United States in 1968 and worked for many years designing and implementing utility control systems and software in Seattle.

Despite 35 years living in Seattle, I instinctively revolted against the suffocating left-coast culture of the Soviet of Washington, and came to revere the four great Germans who helped inspire the Reagan revolution: Ludwig von Mises, F.A. Hayek, Leo Strauss, and Eric Voegelin.

I have written for Liberty, FrontPageMag.com, and The American Thinker. My book Road to the Middle Class celebrates the self-governing culture of the United States in which enthusiastic Christianity, education, mutual aid, and living under law have taught generations of immigrants to rise from indigence in the countryside to a life of competence and prosperity in the city.

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Seize the Commanding Heights of Media and Education!

HERE'S Hunter Hearns telling us in "The Flight 93 Election Crashed" that we are doomed. So long as the left runs the media and the schools.

Trump has changed nothing, he tells us. Next time the Democrats get in power,

we will see universal healthcare, the release of violent criminals, open borders, the stamping out of religious liberty, and a government that sees its citizens less as the American founders did, and more as communist leaders who divided the population into classes of oppressors and oppressed for purposes of implementing policy.
 Why? Because conservatives have not understood the basic lesson of politics, that
most people do not have the time, motivation or inclination to think deeply about political and social issues. They will take the opinions that have been prepared for them by higher status individuals and institutions. If these opinion shapers are liberal, the public will be liberal, and this includes intelligent people naturally inclined to live in accordance with moral ideals.
How do we get to do that instead of the liberals?
There are two major cultural institutions which have generally been used to shape public opinion: the education system, and the media. In America, both have been wholly dominated by the Left.
As Hunter points out, the massive leftward shift of educated women is testimony to this. Women are good little girls and believe what they have been carefully taught. And what they have been carefully taught by schools and media is the left turn and its subjection of everything to identity politics and group explanations. They are not like Bronze Age Pervert of Bronze Age Mindset who celebrates the pirate culture of the Bronze Age and a Nietzschean love for "a fair amount of accidents and nonsense." In fact educated women are horrified by the chaotic nonsense that is the modus operandi of Donald Trump.

OK. So we have to seize control of education and media. Don't tell me how we do this, because I haven't a clue. But what should we teach in the schools and the media?

Now it happens that I've been reading all about the Protestant Revolution, Christianity's Dangerous Idea by Alister McGrath, and the centuries of ideological conflict that went with it. At the same time I am reading Will in the World by Steen Greenblatt and he writes tellingly about how the religious conflicts in England in the 16th century affected the folks on the ground in Stratford on Avon. See, most people were Catholic in their faith, whatever was coming down from Henry VIII and his dissolution (and spoilation) of the monasteries, and then Mary who reverted England to Catholicism, and then Elizabeth I who switched back to Protestantism.

If you were a lowly municipal official -- like Shakespeare's father -- you had to keep your wits about you to stay on the right side of the regime as it swtiched to and fro even if you thought it was madness. Yet, maybe you could do your little bit to hang onto the old ways. For instance, when Shakespeare was in school in the mid 16th century it seems that the schoolmaster was probably a crypto-Catholic even though, in the Elizabethan age, no Catholics need apply.

But meanwhile the non-crypto Catholics were being arrested, imprisoned, tortured, disembowelled, and executed. Just to keep it fair. Yes, you may very well think that a simple "canceling" on the modern Woke agenda would have been sufficient.

OK, so then I got reading a piece in The Tablet by Blake Smith about Émile Durkheim and the Dreyfus affair. Durkheim had begun his sociological career analyzing the capitalist economy and despairing about the anomie of individualism. But then he found hope.
For the next two decades, until his death in 1917, he would devote himself to proving that all societies have a religious basis (in his Elementary Forms of Religious Life, 1913) and to providing French teachers with the courage to embrace their role as priests of the republic.
Teachers: priests of the Republic of France.
They must instill in children a “democratic morality,” built of respect for individual rights and love for the nation.
Well, well, well. Isn't that exactly what chaps like us are all about? Individual rights, as a sacred truth. The nation as the only form of fake tribalism that works "at scale."
History, for example, should be taught as the achievement of the former by the latter: “the child, and later the adult, will learn that the rights that are granted to them, the freedom that they enjoy, the moral dignity that they believe themselves to possess, all of these are the creation … of that personal but impersonal being we call France. 
Meanwhile our liberal friends are teaching The Kidz that America is bad and we -- apart from the toxic white nationalist patriarchs -- are all victims.

So all we have to do is teach the kids to love individual rights and the good old United States of America, the nation.

And never mind the left, the media, and the schools. We will overcome.

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Of Course America is Materialistic. Also Nationalistic

OUR good friend the Zman is indicting America for its materialism. This is particularly true of conservative white people, who have been trained their whole lives to define their existence by the amount of stuff their heirs will throw away when they die. Theirs is an entirely materialist existence, so the transition to cultural thinking is going to be difficult. The great challenge, he avers, "...

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Downward Mobility for Graduates with Elite Values

ONE of my beliefs is that the purpose of universities is to indoctrinate the youngsters of the ruling class, to make sure that, when they rise to rule, they are all on the same page. And then I go on to say that the Germans doubled down when they invented the research university during the Napoleonic Wars so as to strengthen the German state to meet and beat the French. But what if there ...

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The Big Problem with Politics in the Mature Welfare State

WHATABOUT those opinion polls that show President Trump behind the leading Democratic candidates? Is Trump in trouble? Dov Fischer, the American Spectator's  resident rabbi, points out the basic problem with such polls. it is this: The Average American Is Painfully Ignorant, Strikingly Uninformed, and Hopelessly Clueless — Until a Matter Becomes Imminently Personal. So, the average American is ...

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Not "Downscale" But Midscale: That's Today's Republican Party

USED to be that the Republican Party was an upscale party, writes Michael Barone. You could tell that by the way that the upscale media wrote. Sixty years ago, when the Democratic Party was dominated by Southern whites and Northern factory workers, major newsmagazines and newspapers were complacently Republican and snidely condescending about Democrats. But now, of course, the "major ...

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[The Axial Age] highlights the conception of a responsible self... [that] promise[s] man for the first time that he can understand the fundamental structure of reality and through salvation participate actively in it.
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